About Me
updated Aug 2019

Prior to software engineering, I was a formulation chemist in the pharmaceutical industry. There was a great deal of manual data entry for each experiment, so to save myself from the tedium I learned how to use Python, PowerShell, and AutoHotKey to automate it. Along the way I discovered that I loved to solve problems with code.

I toyed with the idea of making a career change in June 2018, then became serious about it that October. After a whirl of interviewing in January 2019, I found myself with job offers in February. I know a slew of others who have similar stories--can't quite imagine any other lucrative profession that allows such a pivot in a relatively short timeframe.

Current Focus
updated Sep 2019

Working on being more thoughtful about "just getting it to work" versus maintainability of code. Finished reading The Pragmatic Programmer but I think I'll need to re-read it next year. I am also checking out The Little Book of Semaphores, since I don't know anything about synchronization! An awesome friend bought me Jon Skeet's book on C# as well.

Other fun stuff--I managed to get to a 7 second handstand in July, and signed up at a rock climbing gym in August. Bouldering is really fun, and the people are very friendly. Slightly amused when I saw a Hacker News comment calling rock climbing "the new Tech Basic".

On hold: MIT 6.042, Clean Code


Things I've touched

Python, C, C#/Unity, JavaScript (React), MongoDB, Java, Standard Meta Language

Things I'm touching

C#, .NET, TypeScript (Angular), SQL (MSSQL/T-SQL), nand2tetris' HDL and Hack assembly language

Things I want to touch aspirationally

F#, Golang

Things I wanted to touch aspirationally but have set aside for the far future

Lisp, Rust, Haskell, Scala, Swift and iOS stuff


You can get in touch with me through the following email address:

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